2way video chat adulets

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Similar to Snapchat filters that animate a visual overlay over your face in real time, Facebook’s live masks will go one step further and augment the live video chat with whatever goofy animation you’d like to place on the screen.

The company says the feature should be arriving on Android soon.

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The addition of video chat follows an April update that first added group calling to Messenger.Prior to that add-on, Facebook’s app was only capable of making one-on-one audio calls.The social network is clearly interested in capturing both consumers and, with the recent launch of its Work software, office employees who do a fair amount of telecommuting and video conferencing.She also helps collectors in their detective work on bottle dates by providing hundreds of photos of actual fragrance advertisements with the year in which it appeared.To figure out the years for new bottle designs, for successful fragrances that continue to be marketed for years (like Evening in Paris by Bourjois, or Arpge by Lanvin), requires finding old advertisements for that fragrance.

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