Baby boomer internet dating

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I believe it’s about time we set aside the notion that you can’t give advice (sexual or non) to anyone who is older.

There are all theses “taboo” or “white elephant in the room” subjects when it comes to talking with our mature parents — enough already — let’s open up the lines of communication. I also want to make sure we don’t forget a central point in this dialogue. In many cases those 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 years old and beyond now have a second chance that many of their parents did not have — they can reinvent themselves as a single person (and for you readers who said I looked “too young” to address this subject, I’m 45, but I greatly appreciate your comments! Another Huff Post reader commented: “This advice is as good for young as old now days.

If your parent is recently widowed or divorced, or has decided after some time of singledom that it’s time to look for love, here are 7 pieces of advice you may want to offer for dating in the 21st century. Today, a pay phone is a rare find and a couple of quarters just won’t cut it if Mom needs to call for help or a ride home. Now it’s time for you to broach the subject of modesty with her. If your parent has lived alone for a while, it can be tempting to talk when she finds a listening ear.

When you were dating, your parents likely had you carry change for a pay phone — just in case. Mom wouldn’t have let you out the door wearing a micro-mini skirt or a skimpy bikini.

"There's always interest in companionship and dating," said Fred Ehle, vice president of brand management for Pulte Group, Del Webb's parent company.

"People want to be around people like themselves and they want to share their experiences with each other no matter their age." But sharing their lives together doesn't necessarily mean another trip down the aisle, according to the survey of 521 single boomers ages 50 and older.

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I live in a retirement community and hear this a lot.” In essence, we can all begin to rediscover ourselves as sexual beings.

“They’re old, not stupid” wrote one Huff Post50 reader.

Rest assured, I would certainly never advise anyone to talk down to his or her parents.

My last Huff Post blog about this topic set off a stream of comments, some asserting that I was being condescending.

In my 20 years of working as an advocate for caregivers, baby boomers and mature adults, I’ve never seen such a strong reaction to a topic.

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