Chat and mic sex

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christie: This is so often framed as a women’s issue. This problem isn’t women’s doing, and the ultimate solution needs to involve men; they have the most power to change the culture.

It’s the men like Billy Bush who accept and participate in this culture who have the most power to change it. maggiekb: With the Billy Bush thing, I think that’s a great example of why employers should be paying attention to this stuff.

But he was clearly in a professional environment, which is another piece of it that was … christie (Christie Aschwanden, lead science writer): I had a really visceral reaction to the Trump tape.

No one here was vulnerable or in a situation where they should reasonably expect privacy — they were all prepped for a TV appearance, and they all knew they were miked.

christie: It’s striking to me that this was not a locker room and he was not among a group of friends.

The tape of Donald Trump bragging about being able to commit sexual assault has thrown the presidential race into turmoil, but it also raises issues that have less to do with electoral politics.

Several Five Thirty Eight staffers got together to talk about Donald Trump’s comments about sex assault and the reaction to them. blythe (Blythe Terrell, senior editor): We’re coming off an eventful weekend in the presidential election.

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