Create datagridviewcellvalidatingeventargs

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Here are few examples which compares the code for winform and corresponding wpf version with c#.* In case of win forms application, we could use the ‘Text’ Property for label,textbox,button etc control for showing the text on those controls: Only textbox is still using ‘text’ property, button and label switched to ‘Content’ property.* Open visual studio(I am using visual studio 2010), gor for “File-Project”, then choose ‘WPF Application’ under ‘Visual C#’.Enter a name/path of your application and press ‘OK’.Today, my goal is to deliver a easy to understand WPF tutorial to you with c# code examples where needed. This is the system to take care of the graphical user interface.Its using Direct X engine for rendering instead of GDI(Graphical device interface).

Examfees are paid in installment in my project The idea if single record is found then it doing calculation of balance=promotionfees-totlafees and if anywhere due to mistyping is value is higher then the respectively msgbox displays error.* If we wanted to set a foreground/background color in a winform applications, we would use code like as follows: On the other hand, in case of WPF Applications, we will have to use ‘Fore Ground’/’Back Ground’ property instead of ‘Fore Color’/’Back Color’ property.Moreover instead of ‘Color’ class, here we will need to utilize a new ‘Brushes’ class for similar task.However, Microsoft’s another step to improve the application development architecture is the release of WPF, that not only improves the user interface development on .NET in desktop based applications, but also helps developers to get a platform for XML based desktop GUI creations.

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