Dating a man who behaves like a child

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What happens to spoiled children when they become adults? In my previous article Why parents should not spoil their children i explained how a spoiled child finds himself ill equipped to face life problems when he becomes an adult as a result of being overly dependent on his caregiver.

When a child becomes an adult he acts the same way he used to act as a kid but according to the new constrains in his new environment.

When a guy cares so much about you, it shows that you are someone important to him.

Therefore, caring is another way a guy behaves when he is in love with you.

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Shyness When a guy falls in love with you, he will become a bit shy.

Caring After he managed to get to know you better, the next step is to show his care and concern for you.

A guy who falls in love with you will become a more thoughtful and caring person. From time to time, he will send text messages just to make sure that you are fine.

For example a shy child who used to play alone might learn to become more sociable but he will still prefer to live in his comfort zone when he becomes an adult.

Now when a spoiled child becomes an adult he will still act in the same way he used to act as a child but in a form that is more acceptable by the society.

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