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Pemberton’s advertisement read " the medical virtues of the Erythroxylon Coca plant of Peru, South America — African Cola Nuts — true Damiana, with pure Grape Wine." The difference between Pemberton’s French Wine Coca and Angelo Mariani’s Vin Mariani was that Pemberton’s French Wine Coca was made of two additional ingredients that Vin Mariani did not have.

Vin Mariani was simply made with Bordeaux wine and coca leaves.

The name Coca-Cola as well as its logo were created by Frank Robinson.

Robinson, born in 1844, was John Pemberton's partner and bookkeeper.

now all the products get expired and we have no way to sell or refund the items.

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John Stith-Pemberton, was an American Pharmacist and the founder of Coca-Cola.

Pemberton’s French Wine Coca quickly became very popular until a vote by the state legislature Atlanta and Fulton County in favour of the national temperance movement.

The national temperance movement prohibited the use of alcohol and heavily criticized medicinal wine such as French Wine Coca.

This is the convention’s third trip to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

During the convention, hotel rooms are transformed into mini Coca-Cola stores, where attendees often exhibit the result of years of collecting.

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