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Volunteer territorial defence organisations have reported a surge in new members since the start of the conflict in neighbouring Ukraine."Ukraine is our neighbour," 22-year-old Karol explained.When the trouble starts it will be in the former Soviet states like Georgia where divisions btwn the pro-Moscow and pro-EU have grown enormously during the financial crisis/recession.They are getting very fed up with EU demands for reform without getting much back in return.I think Russia took their opportunity with Crimea whilst NATO's guard was down but there is a stalemate in Ukraine now NATO have upped the ante. Russia and NATO both know if Russia fully invaded Ukraine, etc, then it would lead to war and both do not want a full scale war i don't think.

Asked whether he really felt war was a possibility, whether the threat was real, Kuba replied: "I think everybody who has a clear mind in Europe knows the war is a true possibility, especially in Poland." ‎Another man, abseiling head-first past our camera, shouted: "History shows us what our neighbours can do" I'm not overly worried.The country is undertaking an ambitious rearmament programme, attempting to overhaul its dependence on ageing Soviet-era equipment by 2022.Russia Displays Military Might The defence ministry is also drawing up plans to help train and integrate civilian paramilitary groups, which could be mobilised in the event of war."I think the Polish people need to feel more confident." Frontline Russian Military Kit Huberet, a middle-aged architect from Warsaw, who used to take part in Napoleonic battle re-enactments, told us: "This is the history, but in the situation where this Ukrainian conflict is actually 1,000km (621 miles) from us, I made a decision that I have to learn how to fight in these times."So I have to switch from the horses and sword-fighting to things that are useful in this army today." In a forest outside Gdansk in northern Poland, we met members of the Strzelec‎, or riflemen, one of the country's oldest paramilitary groups.

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