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Against this backdrop of social acceptance of this tradition, it is unclear how committed Indian authorities will be in enforcing the court's verdict.

"In a situation where child marriage has social approval, who is going to help the girl complain against her husband?

But some officials insist on blaming victims and western values.

() An Indian lawmaker is seeking to impose a tax on opulent weddings, in the hope that it would ease social pressure on poor families to hold such extravagant events.

In a country where many still view menstrual blood as a prop for black magic, a team of scientists in India have dared to convince rural women to hand over used sanitary pads to help detect cervical cancer.

() An incident of "mass molestation" on New Year's Eve in Bangalore has put an ugly spotlight back on sexual assault against women in India.

No one, not even her close family, will help," lawyer Sudha Ramalingam, from the southern city of Chennai, who has been involved in rescuing many girls from early marriage, told Reuters. Unfortunately, simply criminalizing sexual activity among young people does just that," argues Bharti Ali, a child rights activist.

Concerns over implementation "Child marriage is a social evil, and it is forced and perpetuated by adults. Others also criticize the fact that the ruling focused on criminalizing young boys while ignoring the role played by the parents of the boy and the girl in arranging a child marriage as well as the clerics who perform them.

They point out that the legal loophole had been routinely exploited to traffic minor girls into sexual slavery both within and outside India.

"Far too many young people are getting caught in the criminal justice system for having had consensual sex.

And with minimum sentencing, there is no escape for the boys and young men from incarceration," Ganguly told DW.

"The verdict is a vindication of the demand being raised by child rights activists.

The challenge of its effective implementation remains.

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