Embarrassing dating

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Although I do forget my wallet a lot." —Steven, 16"I went out with a girl for a bit and didn't know her name.

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She told the waiter it was my birthday and they all came over and sang to us. I think my mom thought it was cute, but my date sure didn't." —Todd, 15 "I've never really done anything embarrassing — I'm kind of perfect that way.If your significant other belittles your family, judges you or where you came from, we have news for you: The problem is not your family, it’s your date.It sometimes seems that the brains of boys are filled with entirely different things from ours. You know, those times when a gigantic zit appears on your forehead an hour before a first date?Yes, some are worse than others, but this seems of little consolation when you’re trying to find a way to tell your new beau that Uncle Chuck did some time awhile back and that your cousin Gloria has 13 cats. Theoretically, the older you become, the less you care about what other people think, but when it comes to your family, old patterns emerge.Teaching your mom that dance move was funny at the time, but when she’s cutting a rug in front of your date, it’s another story.

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