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My hat off to the porn stars who have found a way to make doing porn in the mainstream work for them in the long term.

I know there’s a big difference in how various companies film and it’s hard to tell as the viewer what’s good acting by a gal who’s actually into rough sex (and treated with respect off camera) versus a gal that’s been pressured into a painful, humiliating sex act because she needs the money or worse: the type of scene wasn’t actually clearly explained beforehand (in other words, if she was manipulated into a situation that would leave her traumatized).

Right now I wish Ceara Lynch was here to discuss this.

There was a risk of getting into uncomfortable situations working FOR other people and I just didn’t need to do it.Ones who are most likely ‘acting’ and not actually doing something they don’t want to do?If anyone has tips for ethical porn consumption (for mainstream stuff) please comment below. Chances are most of you reading this are into the type of porn I produce, where women are in control. I have surrounded myself with women who run their own businesses and call all the shots (Alexandra Snow, Ceara Lynch, Princess Meggerz, Lexi Sindel, Sidonia Von Bork, Nikki Whiplash etc.) None of whom are exploited.I recently watched a couple of documentaries on Netflix that were recommended to me. I know most of my readers aren’t here for documentary reviews, but bare with me.“Love Me” is a documentary about American men seeking love and Ukraine women seeking marriage and a life in America, both using an introduction service to meet.

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