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If i am offline, send me message and I shall try to reach back at my earliest. Always available for y'all because you all are worth it.

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This $CHFS is one @RACFlash picked up on his scans this morning and bought at 7.40.

So let’s do it @5pm today IST(instagram) , and get chatty!

🥂 Like I said it’s about how You want to celebrate it I got a lot of requests for a Live chat.

hope this has been informative but feel free to ask for more information about me and my life. I enjoy music, watching movies, traveling and company of friends.

And as for me, my hobbies include reading books and watching anime (yeah i am a bit of a nerd. i'm not very good at making friends in real life and it has/had caused me a lot of pain, as a result i don't want anyone else to go through anything close to what i have so i want to be able to do something and this was the only answer i could get at, due to my young age and i am taken as quite 'immature' however inside i have experienced a lot that most adults have not, maybe not any significant events or traumas however the fact i have and to live with many lifetime disorders as well as temporary disorders has made me almost completely prone to most forms of 'bullying' and/or 'verbal abuse' and i can take quite a lot of physical pain as well. I'm a trained active listener and I like to support people struggling with traumatic experiences and sexual abuse.

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