Hook ups mombasa

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I had nothing to eat and nowhere to sleep.” Teenage boys and 20-something Kenyan men known as "beach boys" also hook up with older white women, usually Western tourists who have flown here specifically for sexual encounters.

Against a backdrop of dazzlingly white sand and the aquamarine sea at Jomo Kenyatta Public Beach, foreign women sip cocktails under bamboo shades.

“The government should curb the practice by arresting tourists whose aim is to engage in sex with children and dump them afterward,” she said.

With an effortless click, the girl shoots a jet of saliva through the gap between her two front teeth. Then she begins to talk as she shifts the toddler from her back to her bosom.

“The father of this child is a German tourist,” she said.

“Some tourists end up either being robbed or murdered by beach boys in pursuit for money,” he noted. It has also broken up families in the city, he said.

Trace Kenya is working to rescue girls from the sex trade and to end the practice in the Mombasa region.

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