Maybe some other time dating

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(Basically, if there’s a ‘BUT’ after any sentence it’s a good indication he isn’t after anything serious.) What he means: If he’s just sending one-word lines with no questions after or only short non -committal answers then the guy is not 100% committed to getting to know you. What he means: I want something casual and can’t be bothered to ask you on a formal date. What he means: It’s possible he is genuinely busy, however if he is serious about seeing you again he will organise and lock in a time with you.Otherwise this is just an excuse not to make you a priority because he isn’t wanting more. Either he doesn’t want to hurt your feelings or face the music.Maybe another time.” Never let a girl leave you hanging as if you’re some puppy dog waiting for its master to return home.If she attempts to change the venue of the first date.

It’s especially important never to comply with girls who behave in a masculine manner by trying to make the plans or change important details that suggest you are not important to her.

When a girl attempts to do this, you must actually consider changing to a time than what you initially suggested.

This makes her definitively choose between either you or her backup plan. On the other hand, it’s okay if she suggests a time that is later (maybe she ran late with work or errands and needs extra time to look pretty for you).

Unless her phone died, a rare occurrence, there is no reason for her to take more than three hours to reply.

If a girl truly likes a guy, she won’t keep him waiting longer than that when the relationship is new.

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