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I know he’s really busy, he runs 3 businesses, and he also likes his alone time. He also said he has not really dated since his relationship ended a year ago. You say that you know he’s busy, but obviously you don’t truly grasp how busy he probably is. These chemicals are, after all, powerful emotional agents and part of their role is to promote that excited and euphoric feeling of ‘falling in love’ which is all part of the psycho-biological experience of our bodies as they respond to the prospect of love. Do these enhancing chemicals actually cloud our judgement?As one of my clients recently asked me, do they make us see our potential mate through rose coloured glasses? At the end of the day it’s very unlikely that you’re going to act against your better judgement and fall for someone who doesn’t tick most of the boxes.I’m going to wager that that’s why you haven’t heard from him. Passivity is for people who want everything to happen to and for them. Article Roundup Awkward Bad Dates Book Break Ups Casual Dating Casual sex Cheating Commitment Date Like a Man Dating Dating & Finances Dating 2.0 Dating After Divorce Dating In a Big City Dating is Fun Dating Lies Dating Myths Dating Over 35 Dating Over 40 Dating Realities Dating Skills Dating The Crazy Douchey Guys First Date Etiquette First Date Sex First Impressions Happy & Healthy Hook Up Culture Latests Posts Meeting Men Meeting Women Moxie 101 NEW!

You are both caught up in an impenetrable bubble as if no one or nothing else in the world matters.

The bliss bubble is important (although the people around you might not get it) because its function is to bind you together as your love takes off.

While it is both enjoyable and important to the foundation of your relationship you do need to let trusted family and friends into your bubble because they can help play an objective role and offer her or his feedback about what this person is going to be like down the track when you start seeing them more clearly.

Does the other person’s ethics, morals and values fit with your own?

Sustainable love relies on actually liking the person in a big picture sense so is that the case with this person and do you really like them for who and what they really are?

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