Nia long and yao ming dating

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, A Relationship Should Be Between Two People Not The Whole World!

A rep from the law firm representing Drago tells TMZ, the shoplifting conviction is irrelevant "because she was not working at a shop." That's the quote. Daniel Cormier has been reinstated as the UFC's Light Heavyweight Champion after his loss to Jon Jones at UFC 214 was officially changed to a "no contest" in the wake of JJ's positive steroid test. Jones was flagged for Turinabol -- a banned anabolic steroid.

The results from Jones' B sample were made public Tuesday -- confirming the bad news for Jones. p=18...rum=fpcgilusl5#18790

Keep in mind, this is a movie produced by a guy who spent most of the 90s threatening to murder me. Now we see that Cube runs a sports memorabilia store, where Jay Mohr is his best friend and he spends every day chasing away punk kids.

“And people wanna know why I hate kids.” Foreshadowing! Next scene, it’s pouring rain and Cube sees Nia Long broken down on the side the road.

Katy Perry didn't need an Uber to get to Saturday night's Ed Sheeran concert in L. Katy said the breakup was amicable and she's been linked to other guys, namely Rob Pattinson with whom she had dinner with last week. Katy Perry was doing crazy costume changes and Ellen was posing for pics with EVERYBODY!

the first time they've been spotted out since calling it quits in March after a year of dating.

Still, that doesn’t mean it’s not still hilarious to see the guy who once rapped “forget about the dog fool, he’ll sh*t in the den, a gat is a man’s best friend” starring in a movie that bleeps a Nelly song on the soundtrack.

Ice Cube buys a new car and puts a Satchel Paige bobblehead on the dash – WHICH IMMEDIATELY STARTS TALKING TO HIM. F*ck, I had no idea this movie was this weird and I’m not even through the opening credits.

“” “Ride Wit Me” is playing on the soundtrack, and they actually censor the “if you wanna go and get high with me” part.

Cube sees Nia Long across the street, instantly falls in love, then sees that she has kids and just as quickly loses interest. When he realizes who it is, he hits the gas and leaves her there, yelling for help in the rain. Apparently she can’t hear him talking though, so it’s your classic Calvin and Hobbes-type situation, where only Ice Cube can hear his talking Negro Leagues baseball bobblehead.

UNTIL, that is, talking Satch/Tracy Morgan tells him to do the right thing. Ice Cube gets the jumper cables ready and I’m 90% sure this is a lead up to a style electrocution joke. Ice Cube flies 10 feet backwards in the air and lands on the pavement, and with zero transition, it cuts straight to him back in the car with Nia Long driving her home. Now we find out Ice Cube is an ex triple-A baseball player (Ha!

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