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People from 42 to 53 should be active around 60 times per year.

People of 54 and above have a sexual intercourse around 50 to 55 times, yearly speaking.

It occupies about 46 KB and undoubtedly is the bright work of contemporary skill.

It is evident that miss Delnar put in Sekhchyuart the soul: as in no way, girl sketches diagram since 1997 and each month adds into it new characters.

A phonetic system using the Roman alphabet was officially adopted by the Chinese government in 1966. a Sino-Tibetan language or language family, comprising a wide variety of speech forms, many mutually unintelligible, that are traditionally labeled dialects, and are written with identical characters. a member of the people who speak Chinese, collectively representing the great majority of the inhabitants of China and Taiwan, and forming a significant population element in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and other countries of Southeast Asia.

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