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A surprising 8.5 per cent, meanwhile, think chocolate is better than sex, while 2.1 per cent of you admitted that you preferred a nice cup of tea and an early night."We're having less sex now than even ten years ago because we're all so much busier," says Naik."It sounds a bit boring, but if that's the case, you should try scheduling it in.So with Valentine's Day just around the corner, what have Scots got planned?Around a third of you will buy both a gift and a card, as well as plan a romantic evening, while another third will buy a card for someone, yet the remainder of our respondents won't be celebrating the day at all, either because they feel they show their love all year round, or because they dislike the commerciality of it all.Charmingly, though, a handful of our respondents still write old-fashioned love letters.When it comes to the subject of who should pay the bill on a first date however, the traditionalists are out in force, with 65.6 per cent saying a man should pay, 32.8 per cent believing in going Dutch, and a tiny 0.2 per cent thinking the woman should get her purse out."That's quite unusual these days for people in their twenties," says Naik.Read More Your experience greatly depends upon the people you meet and how cool they are.For example: I once played an epic game of dog tag with another kitty, only to block him out of the tree by getting a bunch of other cats to sleep near the base. If you don't find cool people at first, keep trying, they're out there! I'm trying to play this game because it sounds really cool, but it won't load for me.

I'm playing on a Windows 7 computer, on Firefox, if that helps.

"A lot of younger women would think that if the date paid for you then they wanted something.

Yet for the older generations, it's still very much the belief that the man should pay."And our taste in partners seems fairly traditional as well, with the ideal man for Scottish women being Sean Connery.

Only 13.2 per cent of you think that romance is dead, with the widest-eyed romantics being in the Highlands, where every single one of our respondents think romance is still alive and kicking.

Almost a third of you think online dating is perfectly normal in this day and age, and more than a quarter of you use text messaging to keep in touch with your partner.

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