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Crosby and the other team members are not obligated to take a stance on politics, but mincing words to try to satisfy as many people as possible is unnecessary.

It shows that they care more about other people’s approval, rather than their own values and beliefs.

As other teams are unifying to stand up for their values, the Penguins are simply doing what they think will appease the most people and stick to traditional ideals.

The fact that he may not even realize he had a soulmate. He looked at Claude for a moment before suggesting, “Let’s just elope.”“Too late for that,” Claude objected.“This guy does nothing but come to the rink, help the Penguins win championships and be a good person every day.” While it is true that athletes do not need to make their political opinions public, having your coach speak for you is childish.If athletes don’t want to share their views, they should just say that.He never expected to make the Canadian roster working for the CSIS, but a job scoping out corruption, extortion, and assassination threats in the NHL finds him on the ice in good company - mostly.Claude’s not sure what he expects after Worlds, but it’s not the silence he actually receives.

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