Single scene speed dating

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“There’s a lot of misplaced emotion.” Take, for example, Yarbrough’s boyfriend.

They were friends before they started dating — he came to one of the club’s first events last year — and she says she would’ve swiped right past him if he’d popped up on a dating app.

Yarbrough is testing a tool that’s part dating app, part party guest list.Where popping into a group of people to introduce yourself is more expected than intrusive.Su Saan, a 36-year-old man in attendance, calls the Offline Society parties “a little low-key, a little off-key.” He’s done with 14th Street.There are so many ways to meet someone and yet so much malaise. This is the problem Rebecca Yarbrough, the 29-year-old founder of the Offline Society, is trying to solve.“People use technology so much, but there’s fatigue with it.

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