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The sightings off Padstow were sufficiently tantalizing to spur a privately funded 13-day expedition by several shark biologists and enthusiasts, led by Richard Peirce, to the waters off north Devon and Cornwall during August 2003.Unfortunately, the expedition found no trace of white sharks (photo, left) in the 104km (70 mi.) stretch they explored between Trevose Head and Hartland Point.The latter of these was a report made by a 14 year old girl who, using binoculars from her position about 18m (60ft) up on a cliff-top, watched what she perceived -- based on the size of dolphins nearby -- to be a 3.5m (12ft) Great white feeding on a shoal of fish off Baggy Point, near Croyde in North Devon.

The crew described how the shark passed the stern and rolled slightly on to its side, exposing its white underside before swimming away.The crew described the shark as having a slate-grey back, bright white belly and a crescent-shaped mouth with triangular teeth.Unfortunately, because the carcass had no commercial value to the fisherman, it was cut loose without being photographed; the description, however, makes it hard to believe it could be anything other than a white shark.The description given of the shark was extremely detailed, almost textbook, for the conditions.Unfortunately, nobody else appears to have seen the shark in question and there is no other evidence to confirm the presence of a white shark (some shark biologists have also questioned aspects of the description).

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