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Fortunately, Unknown Guardian and Vfor Vendetta were often around to moderate.

What Arandom Name - "You can have it any genre, so long as it's metal." What Arandom Name goes by Warn, warn, WAr N, or anything along those lines. Xoxtifxox - Xox was one of the most mysterious regulars since the good old Absolute Absurdity days. It worked to some degree, so V was made the room owner, and shortly decided to change the room's name.

Before you are two paths: one grassy and well-traveled, the other obscured by the shadows of the trees. Hemides - would like to raise the IQ of the room by attrition. Come away with me, To the realm of shadows, The kingdom of night, The Empire of Darkness.

The path you choose will determine how many footsteps you have left. Also having a high achievement rank will help your status. Hylain Hero - She’s not the hero this chat room needs… Just OK - If you described me as a drunken perv you'd be kinda accurate. Angie Sui D - Angie will often resort to childish behaviors to distract and slip away from the chat.

CBauserman - Always open for a game of chess, if you’re up for it. He shows up here and there but, mostly hangs out with his Best Friend Vfor Vendetta. Artie; hangs like one of the boys, but can go full-blown diva at will.

If you see him with a stick in his hands he could be preparing for mountainering or Kendo practice. Dawnofkittehs - Punch drunk or drunk punching we are not sure. Clash At Demonhead - Í dag viðrar vel til loftárása. -Not Fenixx Alt is Rising Fenixx Gadget Geek - Ghost In Gears - gokuguy - H2o12421 - H2o is just water. Kwll - One of the oddest creatures known to humanity is called Kwll. It knows more than it ever lets you know, is oft capable of out-smarting others, and is known for being a very private person.

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