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He still remembers the first time he heard our national anthem. There was real patriotism in that room." Canada is not yet home to Maran, a scenario that leaves him feeling like a "half-dead body." He's in legal limbo, waiting on a permanent residence status that has eluded him all these years.He needs it so he can begin the process of bringing his family to Toronto.Near the end of the journey, a plane with a maple leaf painted on its tail flew overhead.They'd landed in Victoria, BC, but their relief soon gave way to terror as authorities arrested them at gunpoint and quickly transferred them to a prison in Vancouver.The community is so large that anyone running for office has to consider the Tamil vote along the campaign trail.You see them every day, but you may not know what it took for them to get here. When Arunthathy found out her son has autism, she wasn't sure what that meant. The single mother of two is grateful that she had her children in Canada, where support services are available. ' and my older brother responded, 'This is a really good place.'" They landed in an apartment at Jane and Finch, and she began the process of becoming Canadian, ditching the churidar for jeans and watching cartoons to learn English.

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When we hopped off, Canadian border agents were there, ready to welcome us to our new home: "Sri Lankan refugees, this way." My story is not unique, especially in Canada, where an estimated 200,000 to 300,000 Tamils reside, most in the GTA. The Vietnamese came in the 70s, the Somalis in the 90s and the Syrians today.

They struggle to communicate in a new language, find work, acclimatize to a new culture and keep up hope.

Many Torontonians understand that story intimately, whether they're Tamil or not.

Maran escaped, leaving his wife and child in the care of his mother - they took a separate route out.

He flew to Thailand and ended up bartering with human smugglers.

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