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Their happy life is interrupted when Pallavi is affected with a serious health problem. Ignorant Pallavi doubts her husband Prabhakar and Satya are good friends.

Pavan(Chinna), and Pallavi (Mayuri) live happily along with their two kids. Astonishingly she recovers and the doctor advices Pavan to keep away from family life for sometime in order to enable her speedy recovery.

When Ajay and Geeta were about to get united in wedlock, her father Raji Reddy (Mukhesh Rishi) finalizes her marriage with the son of his arch rival Kesi Reddy (Shayaji Shinde).

He takes her to Kurnool along with him and the marriage is about to happen.

Sandeep finds that a psycho boy - Sudhakar (Arya) with political background is the one behind this.

Why it happened and how Sandeep saves Deepti forms the rest of the story.

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