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Florida Historical Legal Documents is a growing collection of primary source materials surveying changes in Florida law from the time it became a territory in 1822 through 1845 when Florida became a state.The collection includes the complete Florida Territorial Laws, a time capsule of Florida history documenting the establishment of the territorial court system based on British Common Law as of July 4, 1776.Aerial photography Florida is a collection of aerial photographs taken between 19.Literally, a portrait of the State, the collection will be comprised of hundreds of thousands of aerial photographs documenting the land use of Florida over time. Photographs show flora and fauna including deer, panther, pines, hardwoods, prairies, mangrove forests, cypress stands and domes.Big Cypress National Preserve Collection documents the natural heritage of the Big Cypress National Preserve, part of the U. Coral Gables Memory is an album of photographs donated to the City of Coral Gables by Kerdyk Realty.These photos of homes and business structures were taken mostly in the 1940s.Literature of Children is a collection of the treasures of children's literature published largely in the United States and Great Britain from before 1850 to beyond 1950.

Most materials, including Florida Territorial Laws, can be searched in full-text; others are available only as page-images.

Florida Environments Online contains both digital full text materials and research bibliographies about the ecology and environment of Florida.

Digitized materials include more than 200 seminal texts on species and ecosystems selected by scientific experts throughout the state of Florida and digitized specifically for the Linking Florida's Natural Heritage project.

They also include the publications of the Florida Geological Society, and agricultural documents created by the Agricultural Experiment Station/Extension Service (IFAS) and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, as well as engineering documents created by the UF Engineering and Industrial Experiment Station.

The Florida Heritage Collection is an ongoing cooperative project of the libraries of the state universities of Florida to digitize and provide online access to materials broadly representing Florida’s history, culture, arts, literature, sciences and social sciences.

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