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Unfortunately, the programs in the book had been reproduced from listings made on a dot matrix printer, and attempts to OCR it yielded nothing but garbage.However, I was able to obtain a collection of the programs in a archive file meant for CP/M users (probally for Microsoft Basic-80).The gaming empire that became Quake started as a humble Apple computer game named "Castle Wolfenstein".And of course, the ultimate irony is that the Microsoft Basic that ran many of these games started an empire of unimaginable wealth.Of course, using a computer stripped of its essence like this is somewhat like buying an engine, starting it up on the garage floor and marveling at it. Now, with an ASR-33 clanking away next to the blue box, and that Basic tape, probably borrowed from a friend, you were ready to sign on. The media on which they were kept was either lost, destroyed, or more likely, simply belonged to an obsolete computer or media type that was thrown out at the end of its life.

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