Who is usher dating now

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Like, not even girls you would want hitting on your date to bolster your own ego.More like ones that make you question if you haven't temporarily lost your good sense and made a terrible mistake...

He finally threw it away and let me pick him out some inoffensive scents to wear.

It is also a good date scent though it isn't that unique. It is decent but not unique and has performance issues. If you want a more aquatic version, go with Antonio Banderas King of Seduction. It was my first signature scent way back in early high school. The bottle is cheap and you better watch out for the black paint that chips off of it.

For a celebrity fragrance, this is probably in my top 3. Other than that, there is nothing wrong with this frag. My ex used to wear this whenever we first started dating waaaay back during spring break of sophomore year in undergrad.

Performance on this is below average--- it lasts 3-6 hours with only moderate projection for the first 1 hrs and a half and it's just 1 step above being a skin scent for the duration of the scent life. Very well done scent but this is lacking in the performance department. It's warm, definitely peppery, a little more interesting than I was actually expecting from Usher to be honest.

The bottle is cheaply made, the black paint started peeling so naturally I obsessively scratched off the rest of the paint so the bottle is completely clear.

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