Zagat dating and dumping guide

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Today, Google announced its acquisition of Zagat, the company that publishes the venerable restaurant and hotel review guides. If Google executes correctly, this deal could be as significant as the You Tube deal has been.(I was also a big fan of that deal.) Although Zagat is primarily known for its maroon pocket-sized guidebooks, it has long been working with innovators to get its data in the hands of mobile users.

As powerful as Zagat is with consumers, it’s also incredibly powerful with restaurateurs.Yelp has made great strides over the years in making sense of the reviews but its five-point scale that homogenizes food, service, ambiance and cost isn’t very helpful.Add to that the fact that a lot of restaurants are rated 4 stars and quickly discriminating among places is hard.I first used Zagat on a mobile device on my Newton Message Pad 110 in the mid-90s.I later used it on a Palm V and Palm VII as part of the Vindigo service.

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